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Required notice of certain occurrences.

(1) A private investigator agency shall notify the director within thirty days after the death or termination of employment of any employee who is a licensed private investigator or armed private investigator by returning the license to the department with the word "terminated" written across the face of the license, the date of termination, and the signature of the principal of the private investigator company.
(2) A private investigator agency shall notify the director within seventy-two hours and the chief law enforcement officer of the county, city, or town in which the agency is located immediately upon receipt of information affecting a licensed private investigator's or armed private investigator's continuing eligibility to hold a license under the provisions of this chapter.
(3) A private investigator company shall notify the local law enforcement agency whenever an employee who is an armed private investigator discharges his or her firearm while on duty other than on a supervised firearm range. The notification shall be made within ten business days of the date the firearm is discharged.
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