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Recognition as institution of postsecondary study.

Schools shall be recognized as institutions of postsecondary study under the following conditions:
(1) The school admits as regular students only those individuals who have earned a recognized high school diploma or the equivalent of a recognized high school diploma, or who are beyond the age of compulsory education as provided in RCW 28A.225.010; and
(2) The school is licensed by name by the department under this chapter to offer one or more training programs beyond the secondary level.


Intent2013 c 201: "It is the intent of the legislature to maintain and expand access to postsecondary education and improve opportunities for students. The legislature recognizes that access to federal financial aid is a major avenue for overcoming financial barriers to higher education for many students in Washington. The legislature recognizes that recent federal changes in federal regulations require the adjustment of definitions of certain postsecondary institutions in state statutes to ensure that those schools that currently meet the requirements are eligible for student financial aid programs provided by the federal government." [ 2013 c 201 § 1.]
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