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SchoolsClaims againstProcedure.

In addition to any other legal remedy, any student or instructor-trainee having a claim against a school may bring suit upon the approved security required in RCW 18.16.140(1)(d) in the superior or district court of Thurston county or the county in which the educational services were offered by the school. Action upon the approved security shall be commenced by filing the complaint with the clerk of the appropriate superior or district court within one year from the date of the cancellation of the approved security: PROVIDED, That no action shall be maintained upon the approved security for any claim which has been barred by any nonclaim statute or statute of limitations of this state. Service of process in an action upon the approved security shall be exclusively by service upon the director. Two copies of the complaint shall be served by registered or certified mail upon the director at the time the suit is started. Such service shall constitute service on the approved security and the school. The director shall transmit the complaint or a copy thereof to the school at the address listed in the director's records and to the surety within forty-eight hours after it has been received. The approved security shall not be liable in an aggregate amount in excess of the amount named in the approved security. In any action on an approved security, the prevailing party is entitled to reasonable attorney's fees and costs.
The director shall maintain a record, available for public inspection, of all suits commenced under this chapter upon approved security.


Notice of chapter 51, Laws of 2004Effective date2004 c 51: See notes following RCW 18.16.060.
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