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Examinations for licensure under this chapter shall be conducted at such times and places as the director determines appropriate. Examinations shall consist of tests designed to reasonably measure the applicant's knowledge of safe and sanitary practices and may also include the applicant's knowledge of this chapter and rules adopted pursuant to this chapter. The director may establish by rule a performance examination in addition to any other examination. The director shall establish by rule the minimum passing score for all examinations and the requirements for reexamination of applicants who fail the examination or examinations. The director may allow an independent person to conduct the examinations at the expense of the applicants.
The director shall take steps to ensure that after completion of the required course or apprenticeship program, applicants may promptly take the examination and receive the results of the examination.


Effective date2003 c 400: See note following RCW 18.16.280.
Effective date2002 c 111: See note following RCW 18.16.010.
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