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IntentHealth care insurance not affected.

(1) The legislature finds it necessary to license the practice of massage and massage therapy and certify persons practicing reflexology in order to protect the public health and safety. It is the legislature's intent that only individuals who meet and maintain minimum standards of competence and conduct may provide services to the public.
(2) This chapter shall not be construed to:
(a) Require individual or group policies or contracts of a health carrier to provide, or prohibit such policies or contracts from providing, benefits or coverage for services and supplies provided by a person licensed under this chapter; or
(b) Require that a health carrier contract with a person certified under this chapter.


FindingPurpose2012 c 137: "The legislature finds that protecting the public health and safety from the harms of human trafficking has become more difficult and complex, with severe consequences for the victims and the public. The purpose of this legislation is to provide additional tools so that the regulatory agency has authority to make reasonable inspections of the premises in which services subject to this chapter are being provided in order to determine whether the services are being provided in compliance with this chapter and to support state investigations of human trafficking and other illicit activity." [ 2012 c 137 § 1.]
Rules2012 c 137: "The department of health shall adopt any rules necessary to implement this act." [ 2012 c 137 § 21.]
Effective date2012 c 137: "Sections 1 through 19 of this act take effect July 1, 2013." [ 2012 c 137 § 22.]
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