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Plumbing contractor licenseSuspensionRevocationPenalties.

(1) A certificate, license, or endorsement issued under this chapter may be suspended, revoked, or subject to civil penalty by the department upon determination that any one or more of the following exist:
(a) A false statement as to a material matter in the application for a certificate, license, or endorsement;
(b) Fraud, misrepresentation, or bribery in securing a certificate, license, or endorsement;
(c) A violation of any provision of this chapter; or
(d) If the plumbing contractor does not employ a full-time individual who currently possesses a valid journey level plumber's certificate of competency or specialty plumber's certificate of competency in the specialty for the scope of work performed.
(2) If the department has suspended or revoked a certificate, license, or endorsement, because of fraud or error and a hearing is requested, the suspension or revocation must be stayed until the hearing is concluded and a decision is issued.
(3) The department must remove a suspension or reinstate a revoked certificate, license, or endorsement, if the licensee pays all assessed civil penalties and is able to demonstrate to the department that the licensee has met all the qualifications established by this chapter.
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