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*** CHANGE IN 2020 *** (SEE 6170.SL) ***
The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Advisory board" means the state advisory board of plumbers.
(2) "Contractor" means any person, corporate or otherwise, who engages in, or offers or advertises to engage in, any work covered by the provisions of this chapter by way of trade or business, or any person, corporate or otherwise, who employs anyone, or offers or advertises to employ anyone, to engage in any work covered by the provisions of this chapter.
(3) "Department" means the department of labor and industries.
(4) "Director" means the director of department of labor and industries.
(5) "Journey level plumber" means any person who has been issued a certificate of competency by the department of labor and industries as provided in this chapter.
(6) "Like-in-kind" means having similar characteristics such as plumbing size, type, and function, and being in the same location.
(7) "Medical gas piping" means oxygen, nitrous oxide, high pressure nitrogen, medical compressed air, and medical vacuum systems.
(8) "Medical gas piping installer" means a journey level plumber who has been issued a medical gas piping installer endorsement.
(9) "Plumbing" means that craft involved in installing, altering, repairing and renovating potable water systems, liquid waste systems, and medical gas piping systems within a building. Installation in a water system of water softening or water treatment equipment is not within the meaning of plumbing as used in this chapter.
(10) "Specialty plumber" means anyone who has been issued a specialty certificate of competency limited to:
(a) Installation, maintenance, and repair of the plumbing of single-family dwellings, duplexes, and apartment buildings that do not exceed three stories;
(b) Maintenance and repair of backflow prevention assemblies; or
(c) A domestic water pumping system consisting of the installation, maintenance, and repair of the pressurization, treatment, and filtration components of a domestic water system consisting of: One or more pumps; pressure, storage, and other tanks; filtration and treatment equipment; if appropriate, a pitless adapter; along with valves, transducers, and other plumbing components that:
(i) Are used to acquire, treat, store, or move water suitable for either drinking or other domestic purposes, including irrigation, to: (A) A single-family dwelling, duplex, or other similar place of residence; (B) a public water system, as defined in RCW 70.119.020 and as limited under RCW 70.119.040; or (C) a farm owned and operated by a person whose primary residence is located within thirty miles of any part of the farm;
(ii) Are located within the interior space, including but not limited to an attic, basement, crawl space, or garage, of a residential structure, which space is separated from the living area of the residence by a lockable entrance and fixed walls, ceiling, or floor;
(iii) If located within the interior space of a residential structure, are connected to a plumbing distribution system supplied and installed into the interior space by either: (A) A person who, pursuant to RCW 18.106.070 or 18.106.090, possesses a valid temporary permit or certificate of competency as a journey level plumber, specialty plumber, or trainee, as defined in this chapter; or (B) a person exempt from the requirement to obtain a certified plumber to do such plumbing work under RCW 18.106.150.


Part headings not law2003 c 399: See note following RCW 19.28.006.
Effective date1997 c 326: "This act takes effect July 1, 1998." [ 1997 c 326 § 7.]
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