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Compliance enjoined.

It is unlawful:
(1) For any person to supervise, construct, alter, or decommission a well without complying with the provisions of this chapter and the rules for well construction adopted pursuant to this chapter;
(2) For any person to cause a well to be constructed in violation of the standards for well construction established by this chapter and rules adopted by the department pursuant to this chapter;
(3) For a prospective water well owner to have a water well constructed without first obtaining a water right permit, if a permit is required;
(4) For any person to construct, alter, or decommission a well unless the fees required by RCW 18.104.055 have been paid;
(5) For a person to tamper with or remove a well identification tag except during well alteration; and
(6) Except as provided in RCW 18.104.180, for any person to contract to engage in the construction of a well or to act as a well operator without first obtaining a license pursuant to this chapter.
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