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(1) The board shall issue a license to a holder of a certificate/valid license issued by another state that entitles the holder to practice public accountancy, provided that:
(a) Such state makes similar provision to grant reciprocity to a holder of a valid certificate or license in this state;
(b) The applicant meets the CPE requirements of RCW 18.04.215(4);
(c) The applicant meets the good character requirements of RCW 18.04.105(1)(a); and
(d) The applicant passed the examination required for issuance of his or her certificate or license with grades that would have been passing grades at that time in this state and meets all current requirements in this state for issuance of a license at the time application is made; or at the time of the issuance of the applicant's license in the other state, met all the requirements then applicable in this state; or has three years of experience within the five years immediately preceding application or had five years of experience within the ten years immediately preceding application in the practice of public accountancy that meets the requirements prescribed by the board.
(2) The board may accept NASBA's designation of the applicant as substantially equivalent to national standards as meeting the requirement of subsection (1)(d) of this section.
(3) A licensee who has been granted a license under the reciprocity provisions of this section shall notify the board within thirty days if the license or certificate issued in the other jurisdiction has lapsed or if the status of the license or certificate issued in the other jurisdiction becomes otherwise invalid.


Effective date2001 c 294: See note following RCW 18.04.015.
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