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Commercial pesticide applicator licenseAmount of bond or insurance requiredNotice of reduction or cancellation by surety or insurer.

The following requirements apply to the amount of bond or insurance required for commercial applicators:
(1) The amount of the surety bond or liability insurance, as provided for in RCW 17.21.160, shall be not less than fifty thousand dollars for property damage and public liability insurance, each separately, and including loss or damage arising out of the actual use of any pesticide. The surety bond or liability insurance shall be maintained at not less than that sum at all times during the licensed period.
(2) The property damage portion of this requirement may be waived by the director if it can be demonstrated by the applicant that all applications performed under this license occur under confined circumstances and on property owned or leased by the applicant.
(3) The director shall be notified ten days before any reduction of insurance coverage at the request of the applicant or cancellation of the surety bond or liability insurance by the surety or insurer and by the insured.
(4) The total and aggregate of the surety and insurer for all claims is limited to the face of the bond or liability insurance policy. The director may accept a liability insurance policy or surety bond in the proper sum which has a deductible clause in an amount not exceeding five thousand dollars for all applicators for the total amount of liability insurance or surety bond required by this section, but if the applicant has not satisfied the requirement of the deductible amount in any prior legal claim the deductible clause shall not be accepted by the director unless the applicant furnishes the director with a surety bond or liability insurance which shall satisfy the amount of the deductible as to all claims that may arise in his or her application of pesticides.
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