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LicensesExamination requirementsFees.

(1) The director shall not issue a commercial pesticide applicator license until the applicant, if he or she is the sole owner and manager of the business has passed examinations in all classifications that the business operates. If there is more than one owner or the owner does not participate in the pesticide application activities, the person managing the pesticide application activities of the business shall be licensed in all classifications that the business operates. The director shall not issue a commercial pesticide operator, public operator, private commercial applicator, or demonstration and research applicator license until the applicant has passed an examination demonstrating knowledge of:
(a) How to apply pesticides under the classification for which he or she has applied, manually or with the various apparatuses that he or she may operate;
(b) The nature and effect of pesticides he or she may apply under such classifications; and
(c) Any other matter the director determines to be a necessary subject for examination.
(2) The director may charge examination fees established by the director by rule. The director may administer or contract with a public or private third-party entity to administer any or all parts of either the examination or the collection of examination fees, or both. Examinations administered by third-party entities must be the same as the examination that would otherwise be administered by the department. The department may direct that the applicant pay the fees to the third-party entity in accordance with department rules governing third-party examinations and fees.
(3) The director may prescribe separate testing procedures and requirements for each license.
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