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Activated county noxious weed control boardWeed coordinatorAuthorityRules and regulations.

(1) Each activated county noxious weed control board must employ or otherwise provide a weed coordinator whose duties are fixed by the board but which shall include inspecting land to determine the presence of noxious weeds, offering technical assistance and education, and developing a program to achieve compliance with the weed law. The weed coordinator may be employed full time, part time, or seasonally by the county noxious weed control board. County weed board employment practices shall comply with county personnel policies. Within sixty days from initial employment, the weed coordinator must obtain licensure consistent with Washington state department of agriculture pesticide license rules, and the necessary endorsements on the licenses as required by law. Each board may purchase, rent, or lease equipment, facilities, or products and may hire additional persons as it deems necessary for the administration of the county's noxious weed control program.
(2) Each activated county noxious weed control board has the power to adopt rules and regulations, subject to notice and hearing as provided in chapter 42.30 RCW, as are necessary for an effective county weed control or eradication program.
(3) Each activated county noxious weed control board shall meet with a quorum at least quarterly.


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