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Special open consignment horse sale license requiredApplicationFeeWhere and when valid.

(1) A person shall not operate a special open consignment horse sale without first obtaining a license from the director. The application for the license shall include:
(a) The schedule of rates and charges the applicant proposes to impose on the owners of horses for services rendered in the operation of the horse sale;
(b) The specific date and exact location of the proposed sale;
(c) Projected quantity and approximate value of horses to be handled; and
(d) Such other information as the director may reasonably require.
(2) The application shall be accompanied by a license fee of one hundred dollars. Upon the approval of the application by the director and compliance with this chapter, the applicant shall be issued a license. A special open consignment horse sale license is valid only for the specific date or dates and exact location for which the license was issued.


Effective dates2003 c 326: See RCW 16.57.902.
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