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For the purpose of this chapter:
(1) "Certified feed lot" means any place, establishment, or facility commonly known as a commercial feed lot, cattle feed lot, or the like, which complies with all of the requirements of this chapter, and any rules adopted under this chapter and which holds a valid license from the director.
(2) "Department" means the department of agriculture of the state of Washington.
(3) "Director" means the director of the department or his or her duly authorized representative.
(4) "Licensee" means any persons licensed under the provisions of this chapter.
(5) "Person" means a natural person, individual, firm, partnership, corporation, company, society, and association, and every officer, agent or employee thereof. This term shall import either the singular or the plural as the case may be.
(6) "Livestock inspection" or "inspection" means the examination of livestock or livestock hides for brands or any means of identifying livestock or livestock hides including the examination of documents providing evidence of ownership.
(7) "Change of ownership" means the transfer of ownership from one person to another by the sale of livestock. It does not mean: A change in partners within a partnership; a change in members within an association or a society; or the sale of stock within a corporation, company, or association.
(8) "Direct to slaughter" means the delivery of livestock to a slaughter plant within ten days of the sale of the cattle to the slaughter plant.


Effective dates2003 c 326: See RCW 16.57.902.
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