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Livestock inspectionLicensed and accredited veterinariansField livestock inspectorsFeesRevocation of certification.

(1) The director may enter into agreements with Washington state licensed and accredited veterinarians, who have been certified by the director, to perform livestock inspection.
(2) The department must maintain a list of field livestock inspectors who are certified to perform livestock inspection. The list must be divided into at least six geographic regions of the state. The list must be updated quarterly and must be made available to the public through electronic media and by mail when requested.
(3) All individuals applying for certification as a field livestock inspector under this section must complete training provided by the department at the discretion of the director. Training must include, but is not limited to, the:
(a) Reading of printed brands;
(b) Reading of brands or other marks on animals, including the location of brands on animals;
(c) Reading of a microchip or other electronic official individual identification;
(d) Completion of official documents; and
(e) Review of satisfactory ownership documents.
(4) In order to qualify, an individual must submit an application to the director that includes:
(a) The full name, address, telephone number, and email address of the individual applying for certification;
(b) The applicant's Washington state veterinary license number, if the applicant is a veterinarian;
(c) The geographic area in which the applicant will issue inspection certificates for livestock;
(d) A statement describing the applicant's experience with large animals, especially cattle and horses; and
(e) A brief statement indicating that the applicant is requesting certification to issue inspection certificates for cattle, horses, or both.
(5) Fees for livestock inspection performed by a certified veterinarian or field livestock inspector shall be collected by the veterinarian or field livestock inspector and remitted to the director. Veterinarians and field livestock inspectors providing livestock inspection may charge a fee for livestock inspection that is in addition to and separate from fees collected under RCW 16.57.220. The director may adopt fees to cover the cost associated with certification of veterinarians and field livestock inspectors.
(6) A veterinarian or field livestock inspector certified to perform livestock inspection under this section shall not be considered an employee of the department.
(7)(a) The director may suspend or revoke a veterinarian's or field livestock inspector's certification to issue inspection certificates if the veterinarian or field livestock inspector knowingly:
(i) Makes or acquiesces in false or inaccurate statements on livestock inspection certificates regarding:
(A) The date or location of the inspection;
(B) The marks or brands on the livestock inspected;
(C) The owner's name; or
(D) Any other statement about the livestock inspected.
(ii) Fails to properly verify the ownership status of the animal before issuing an inspection certificate.
(iii) Issues an inspection certificate without actually conducting an inspection of the livestock.
(iv) Fails to submit inspection fees and certificates issued to the director within thirty days from the date of issue.
(b) Actions under this section must be taken in accordance with chapter 34.05 RCW.
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