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Duty of sheriffSaleDisposition of proceeds.

It shall be the duty of the sheriff of such county upon being so notified, to dispose of such animal as provided by law in reference to estrays if such law is applicable to the animal abandoned, or if not so applicable then deliver such an animal to any animal care and control agency as defined in RCW 16.52.011 or to an animal rescue group as defined in RCW 82.04.040 having the facilities and resources necessary for the care of such an animal. If such an animal care and control agency or animal rescue group cannot reasonably be identified to receive the animal, then such an animal shall be sold by the sheriff at public auction. Notice of any such sale shall be given by posting a notice in three public places in the county at least ten days prior to such public sale. Proceeds of such sale shall be paid to the county treasurer for deposit in the county general fund.
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