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SaleWhen costs may be charged to plaintiff.

Upon the trial of an action as herein provided [RCW 16.04.010 through 16.04.070] the plaintiff shall prove the amount of damages sustained and the amount of expenses incurred for keeping the offending animals, and any judgment rendered for damages, costs, and expenses against the defendant shall be a lien upon such animals committing the damage, and the same may be sold and the proceeds shall be applied in full satisfaction of the judgment as in other cases of sale of personal property on execution: PROVIDED, That no judgment shall be continued against the defendant for any deficiency over the amount realized on the sale of such animals, if it shall appear upon the trial that no damage was sustained, or that a tender was made and paid into court of an amount equal to the damage and costs, then judgment shall be rendered against the plaintiff for costs of suit and damage sustained by defendant.
[ 1893 c 31 § 5; RRS § 3094.]
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