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Commission on integrated pest managementReport on activitiesReview by legislature.

By December 15, 2002, the commission on integrated pest management shall file with the legislature a report on the activities supported by the commission for the period beginning on July 23, 1995, and ending on December 1, 2002. The report shall include an identification of: The priorities that have been set by the commission; the state appropriations made to Washington State University that have been within the jurisdiction of the commission; the evaluations, studies, and investigations funded in whole or in part by such moneys and the registrations and uses of pesticides made possible in large part by those evaluations, studies, and investigations; the matching moneys, in-kind services, and materials provided by agricultural organizations for those evaluations, studies, and investigations; and the program or programs for tracking pesticide availability provided by the laboratory under the guidance of the commission and the means used for providing this information to organizations of agricultural producers.
During the regular session of the legislature in the year 2003, the appropriate committees of the house of representatives and senate shall evaluate the effectiveness of the commission in fulfilling its statutory responsibilities.
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