Chapter 15.89 RCW



HTMLPDF 15.89.010Legislative declaration.
HTMLPDF 15.89.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 15.89.025Regulating beerExisting comprehensive schemeApplicable laws.
HTMLPDF 15.89.030Washington beer commission createdComposition.
HTMLPDF 15.89.040Director's dutiesReferendum of beer producers.
HTMLPDF 15.89.050Appointment of membersTerms, travel expenses.
HTMLPDF 15.89.060Enforcement of commission obligations against commission assetsLiability of commission members and employees.
HTMLPDF 15.89.070Commission powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 15.89.073Commission's plans, programs, and projectsDirector's approval required.
HTMLPDF 15.89.075Commission speaks for stateDirector's oversight.
HTMLPDF 15.89.080Research, promotional, and educational campaign.
HTMLPDF 15.89.090Campaign goals.
HTMLPDF 15.89.100List of producers of beerReporting system.
HTMLPDF 15.89.110Annual assessment on beer productionApproval by referendumRules.
HTMLPDF 15.89.120Deposit of money.
HTMLPDF 15.89.130Assessment constitutes debtPenalty for nonpaymentCivil action.
HTMLPDF 15.89.140Certain records exempt from public disclosureExceptions.
HTMLPDF 15.89.150CostsFunding staff supportRules.
HTMLPDF 15.89.160Enforcement.
HTMLPDF 15.89.170ProsecutionEnforcement by superior courts.
HTMLPDF 15.89.900Construction2006 c 330.