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Private sector cultured aquatic productsIdentificationRules.

The director shall establish identification requirements for private sector cultured aquatic products to the extent that identifying the source and quantity of the products is necessary to permit the department of fish and wildlife to administer and enforce Title 77 RCW effectively. The rules shall apply only to those private sector cultured aquatic products the transportation, sale, processing, or other possession of which would otherwise be required to be licensed under Title 77 RCW if they were not cultivated by aquatic farmers. The rules shall apply to the transportation or possession of such products on land other than aquatic lands and may require that they be: (1) Placed in labeled containers or accompanied by bills of lading or sale or similar documents identifying the name and address of the producer of the products and the quantity of the products governed by the documents; or (2) both labeled and accompanied by such documents.
The director shall consult with the director of fish and wildlife to ensure that such rules enable the department of fish and wildlife to enforce the programs administered under those titles. If rules adopted under chapter 69.30 RCW satisfy the identification required under this section for shellfish, the director shall not establish different shellfish identification requirements under this section.
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