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Annual assessmentsRateCollection.

There is hereby levied, and there shall be collected by each commission, upon each and every unit of any agricultural commodity specified in any marketing order an annual assessment which shall be paid by the producer thereof upon each and every such unit sold, processed, stored, or delivered for sale, processing, or storage by him or her. Such assessments shall be expressed as a stated amount of money per unit or as a percentage of the net unit price at the time of sale. The total amount of such annual assessment to be paid by all affected producers of such commodity shall not exceed three percent of the total market value of all affected units sold, processed, stored, or delivered for sale, processing, or storage by all affected producers of such units during the year to which the assessment applies.
Every marketing order shall prescribe the per unit or percentage rate of such assessment. Such rate may be at the full amount of, or at any lesser amount than the amount hereinabove limited and may be altered from time to time by amendment of such order. In every such marketing order and amendment the determination of such rate shall be based upon the volume and price of sales of affected units during a period which the director determines to be a representative period. The per unit or percentage rate of assessment prescribed in any such order or amendment shall for all purposes and times be deemed to be within the limits of assessment above provided until such time as such order is amended as to such rate. However, at the end of any year, any affected producer may obtain a refund from the commission of any assessment payments made which exceed three percent of the total market value of all of the affected commodity sold, processed, stored, or delivered for sale, processing, or storage by such producer during the year. Such refund shall be made only upon satisfactory proof given by such producer in accordance with reasonable rules and regulations prescribed by the director. Such market value shall be based upon the average sales price received by such producer during the year from all his or her bona fide sales or, if such producer did not sell twenty-five percent or more of all of the affected commodity produced by him or her during the year, such market value shall be determined by the director upon other sales of the affected commodity determined by the director to be representative and comparable.
To collect such assessment each order may require:
(1) Stamps to be purchased from the affected commodity commission or other authority stated in such order and attached to the containers, invoices, shipping documents, inspection certificates, releases, or receiving receipts or tickets (said stamps to be canceled immediately upon being attached and the date of cancellation placed thereon).
(2) Payment of producer assessments before the affected units are shipped off the farm or payment of assessments at different or later times, and in such event the order may require any person subject to the assessment to give adequate assurance or security for its payment.
(3) Every affected producer subject to assessment under such order to deposit with the commission in advance an amount based on the estimated number of affected units upon which such person will be subject to such assessment in any one year during which such marketing order is in force, or upon any other basis which the director determines to be reasonable and equitable and specifies in such order, but in no event shall such deposit exceed twenty-five percent of the estimated total annual assessment payable by such person. At the close of such marketing year the sums so deposited shall be adjusted to the total of such assessments payable by such person.
(4) Handlers receiving the affected commodity from the producer, including warehouse operators and processors, to collect producer assessments from producers whose production they handle and remit the same to the affected commission. The lending agency for a commodity credit corporation loan to producers shall be deemed a handler for the purpose of this subsection. No affected units shall be transported, carried, shipped, sold, stored, or otherwise handled or disposed of until every due and payable assessment herein provided for has been paid and the receipt issued, but no liability hereunder shall attach to common carriers in the regular course of their business.


Severability1981 c 297: See note following RCW 15.36.201.
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