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Lists of affected partiesNoticeUse of lists.

(1) Upon receipt of a petition for the issuance of a marketing order, the director shall establish a list of affected parties of the agricultural commodity affected. In establishing a list of affected parties and their individual production, the director shall publish a notice to producers of the commodity to be affected requiring them to file with the director a report showing the producer's name, mailing address, and the yearly average quantity of the affected commodity produced by him or her in the three years preceding the date of the notice or in such lesser time as the producer has produced the commodity in question. Information as to production may also be accepted from other valid sources if readily available. Notice of a proposed marketing order issuance shall be as provided for in RCW 15.66.070.
(2) The director shall use the list of affected parties for the purpose of notice, referendum proceedings, and electing or selecting members of the commission in accordance with this chapter and rules adopted under this chapter.
(3) An affected party may at any time file his or her name and mailing address with the director. A list of affected parties may be brought up-to-date by the director up to the day preceding a mailing of a notice or ballot under this chapter and that list is deemed the list of affected parties entitled to vote.
(4) The list of affected parties shall be kept in the rule-making file by the director. The list shall be certified as a true representation of the referendum mailing list. Inadvertent failure to notify an affected party does not invalidate a proceeding conducted under this chapter.
(5) The list of affected parties that is certified as the true representation of the mailing list of a referendum shall be used to determine assent as provided in this chapter.
(6) The director shall provide the commodity commission the list of affected and interested parties once a marketing order is adopted and a commodity commission is established as provided in this chapter.


Effective dates2002 c 313: See note following RCW 15.65.020.
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