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Regulating agricultural commoditiesExisting comprehensive scheme.

The history, economy, culture, and the future of Washington state to a large degree all involve agriculture. In order to develop and promote Washington's agricultural products as part of the existing comprehensive scheme to regulate agricultural commodities, the legislature declares:
(1) That the marketing of agricultural products within this state is in the public interest. It is vital to the continued economic well-being of the citizens of this state and their general welfare that its agricultural commodities be properly promoted by (a) enabling producers of agricultural commodities to help themselves in establishing orderly, fair, sound, efficient, and unhampered marketing, grading, and standardizing of the commodities they produce; and (b) working towards stabilizing the agricultural industry by increasing consumption of agricultural commodities within the state, the nation, and internationally;
(2) That farmers and ranchers operate within a regulatory environment that imposes burdens on them for the benefit of society and the citizens of the state and includes restrictions on marketing autonomy. Those restrictions may impair the agricultural producer's ability to compete in local, domestic, and foreign markets;
(3) That it is now in the overriding public interest that support for the agricultural industry be clearly expressed, that adequate protection be given to agricultural commodities, uses, activities, and operations, and that each agricultural commodity be promoted individually, and as part of a comprehensive industry to:
(a) Enhance the reputation and image of Washington state's agricultural commodities;
(b) Increase the sale and use of Washington state's agricultural commodities in local, domestic, and foreign markets;
(c) Protect the public by educating the public in reference to the quality, care, and methods used in the production of Washington state's agricultural commodities;
(d) Increase the knowledge of the health-giving qualities and dietetic value of Washington state's agricultural commodities and products; and
(e) Support and engage in programs or activities that benefit the planting, production, harvesting, handling, processing, marketing, and uses of agricultural commodities produced in Washington state;
(4) That the director seek to enhance, protect, and perpetuate the ability of the private sector to produce food and fiber, and seek to maintain the economic well-being of the agricultural industry in Washington state consistent with its regulatory activities and responsibilities;
(5) That the director is hereby authorized to implement, administer, and enforce this chapter through the adoption of marketing orders that establish commodity commissions; and
(6) That this chapter is enacted in the exercise of the police powers of this state for the purpose of protecting the health, peace, safety, and general welfare of the people of this state.


Effective dates2002 c 313: See note following RCW 15.65.020.
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