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Director may issue agreement or order similar to license or order issued by United StatesAdministrator, board.

In the event the director finds that it tends to effectuate the declared purposes of this chapter within the standards prescribed in this chapter, the director may issue a marketing agreement or order, applicable to the marketing, within the state of Washington of any agricultural commodity, containing like terms, provisions, methods and procedures as any license or order regulating the marketing of such commodity in interstate or foreign commerce, issued by the secretary of agriculture of the United States pursuant to the provisions of any law or laws of the United States. In selecting an administrator or the members of any board or other agency under such marketing order, the director may utilize the same persons as those serving in a similar capacity under such federal license or order, so as to avoid duplicating or conflicting personnel: PROVIDED, That any administrator, board or agency so appointed by the director shall be responsible to the director for the performance of such of their duties as relate to the administration of any such marketing agreement or order issued by the director hereunder.
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