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Lists of all affected producers and handlersAffected parties responsible for accuracyUse of lists.

(1) Each commodity board shall prepare a list of all affected producers from any information available from the department, producers, producer associations or organizations, or handlers of the affected commodity. This list shall contain the names and addresses of all affected persons who produce the affected commodity and the amount, by unit, of the affected commodity produced during at least the past three years.
(2) Each commodity board shall prepare a list of all persons who handle the affected commodity and the amount of the commodity handled by each person during at least the past three years.
(3) It is the responsibility of all affected parties to ensure that their correct address is filed with the commodity board. It is also the responsibility of affected parties to submit production data and handling data to the commodity board as prescribed by the board's marketing order or agreement.
(4) Any qualified person may, at any time, have his or her name placed upon any list for which he or she qualifies by delivering or mailing the information to the commodity board. The lists shall be corrected and brought up-to-date in accordance with evidence and information provided to the commodity board.
(5) At the director's request, the commodity board shall provide the director a list of affected producers or handlers that is certified by the commodity board to be complete according to the commodity board's records. The list shall contain all information required by the director to conduct a referendum or board member election or selection under this chapter and the marketing order or agreement.
(6) For all purposes of giving notice, holding referenda, and electing or selecting members of a commodity board, the applicable list corrected up to the day preceding the date the list is certified by the commodity board and mailed to the director is deemed to be the list of all affected producers or affected handlers, as applicable, entitled to notice or to vote. Inadvertent failure to notify an affected producer or handler does not invalidate a proceeding conducted under this chapter.


Effective dates2002 c 313: See note following RCW 15.65.020.
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