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When marketing order or agreement is terminatedDuties of affected commodity board.

If after complying with the procedures outlined in this chapter and a referendum proposal to terminate a marketing order or agreement is assented to, the affected commodity board shall:
(1) Document the details of all measures undertaken to terminate the marketing order and identify and document all closing costs;
(2) Contact the office of the state auditor and arrange for a final audit of the commodity board. Payment for the audit shall be from commodity board funds and identified in the budget for closing costs;
(3) Provide for the reimbursement to affected producers of moneys collected by assessment. Reimbursement shall be made to those considered affected producers over the previous three-year time frame on a pro rata basis and at a percent commensurate with their volume of production over the previous three-year period unless a different time period is specified in the marketing order or agreement. If the commodity board finds that the amounts of moneys are so small as to make impractical the computation and remitting of the pro rata refund, the moneys shall be paid into the state treasury as unclaimed trust moneys; and
(4) Transfer all remaining files to the department for storage and archiving, as appropriate.


Effective dates2002 c 313: See note following RCW 15.65.020.
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