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Director's duties and powers.

The director shall investigate and promote the economical and efficient distribution of farm products, and in so doing may cooperate with federal agencies and agencies of this and other states engaged in similar activities. For such purposes he or she may:
(1) Maintain a market news service by bulletins and through newspapers, giving information as to prices, available supplies of different farm products, demand in local and foreign markets, freight rates, and any other data of interest to producers and consumers;
(2) Aid producers and consumers in establishing economical and efficient methods of distribution, promoting more direct business relations by organizing cooperative societies of buyers and sellers and by other means reducing the cost and waste in the distribution of farm products;
(3) Investigate the methods of intermediaries handling farm products, and in so doing, he or she may hear complaints and suggestions and may visit places of business of all such intermediaries and may examine under oath, the officers and employees thereof;
(4) If he or she finds further legislation on this subject advisable, he or she shall make recommendations thereon to the governor not later than the fifteenth of November of each even-numbered year;
(5) Investigate the possibilities of direct dealing between the producer and consumer by parcel post and other mail order methods;
(6) Assist in the obtaining and employment of farm labor, and to that end cooperate with federal, state, and municipal agencies engaged in similar work;
(7) Investigate the methods, charges, and delays of transportation of farm products and assist producers in relation thereto.
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