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Classification of licenses.

The director may classify licenses to be issued under the provisions of this chapter. Such classifications may include but not be limited to agricultural crops, ornamentals, or noncrop land herbicides. If the licensee has a classified license the licensee shall be limited to practicing within these classifications. Each such classification shall be subject to separate testing procedures and requirements: PROVIDED, That no person shall be required to pay an additional license fee if the person desires to be licensed in one or all of the license classifications provided for by the director under the authority of this section. The director may charge an examination fee established by the director by rule when an examination is necessary, before a license may be issued or when application for a license and examination is made at other than a regularly scheduled examination date. The director may renew any applicant's license under the classification for which the applicant is licensed, subject to reexamination or other recertification standards as determined by the director when deemed necessary because new knowledge or new classifications are required to carry out the responsibilities of the licensee.
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