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"Stop sale, use or removal" orderAdjudication.

(1) After service of a "stop sale, use or removal" order is made upon any person, either that person or the director may file an action in a court of competent jurisdiction in the county in which a violation of this chapter or rules adopted under this chapter is alleged to have occurred for an adjudication of the alleged violation. The court in such action may issue temporary or permanent injunctions mandatory or restraining, and such intermediate orders as it deems necessary or advisable. The court may order condemnation of any pesticide or device which does not meet the requirements of this chapter or rules adopted under this chapter: PROVIDED, That no authority is granted hereunder to affect the sale or use of products on which legally approved pesticides have been legally used.
(2) If the pesticide or device is condemned, it shall, after entry of decree, be disposed of by destruction or sale as the court directs, and the proceeds, if such pesticide or device is sold, less cost including legal costs, shall be paid to the state treasury: PROVIDED, That the pesticide or device shall not be sold contrary to the provisions of this chapter or rules adopted under this chapter. Upon payment of costs and execution and delivery of a good and sufficient bond conditioned that the pesticide or device shall not be disposed of unlawfully, the court may direct that the pesticide or device be delivered to the owner thereof for relabeling or reprocessing as the case may be.
(3) When a decree of condemnation is entered against the pesticide, court costs, fees, and storage and other proper expenses shall be awarded against the person, if any, appearing as claimant of the pesticide.
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