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Director's authorityRules.

(1) The director shall administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter and rules adopted under this chapter. All the authority and requirements provided for in chapter 34.05 RCW (Administrative Procedure Act) and chapter 42.30 RCW shall apply to this chapter in the adoption of rules including those requiring due notice and a hearing for the adoption of permanent rules.
(2) The director is authorized to adopt appropriate rules for carrying out the purpose and provisions of this chapter, including but not limited to rules providing for:
(a) Declaring as a pest any form of plant or animal life or virus which is injurious to plants, people, animals (domestic or otherwise), land, articles, or substances;
(b) Determining that certain pesticides are highly toxic to people. For the purpose of this chapter, highly toxic pesticide means any pesticide that conforms to the criteria in 40 C.F.R. Sec. 156.10 for toxicity category I due to oral inhalation or dermal toxicity. The director shall publish a list of all pesticides, determined to be highly toxic, by their common or generic name and their trade or brand name if practical. Such list shall be kept current and shall, upon request, be made available to any interested party;
(c) Determining standards for denaturing pesticides by color, taste, odor, or form;
(d) The collection and examination of samples of pesticides or devices;
(e) The safe handling, transportation, storage, display, distribution, and disposal of pesticides and their containers;
(f) Restricting or prohibiting the use of certain types of containers or packages for specific pesticides. These restrictions may apply to type of construction, strength, and/or size to alleviate danger of spillage, breakage, misuse, or any other hazard to the public. The director shall be guided by federal regulations concerning pesticide containers;
(g) Procedures in making of pesticide recommendations;
(h) Adopting a list of restricted use pesticides for the state or for designated areas within the state if the director determines that such pesticides may require rules restricting or prohibiting their distribution or use. The director may include in the rule the time and conditions of distribution or use of such restricted use pesticides and may, if it is found necessary to carry out the purpose and provisions of this chapter, require that any or all restricted use pesticides shall be purchased, possessed, or used only under permit of the director and under the director's direct supervision in certain areas and/or under certain conditions or in certain quantities or concentrations. The director may require all persons issued such permits to maintain records as to the use of all the restricted use pesticides;
(i) Label requirements of all pesticides required to be registered under provisions of this chapter;
(j) Regulating the labeling of devices;
(k) The establishment of criteria governing the conduct of a structural pest inspection;
(l) Declaring crops, when grown to produce seed specifically for crop reproduction purposes, to be nonfood and/or nonfeed sites of pesticide application. The director may include in the rule any restrictions or conditions regarding: (i) The application of pesticides to the designated crops; and (ii) the disposition of any portion of the treated crop;
(m) Governing the fixing and collecting of examination fees; and
(n) Requiring individuals to earn recertification credits in the classifications in which they are licensed.
(3) For the purpose of uniformity and to avoid confusion endangering the public health and welfare the director may adopt rules in conformity with the primary pesticide standards, particularly as to labeling, established by the United States environmental protection agency or any other federal agency.
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