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Seed labeling permit.

(1) No person shall label seed for distribution in this state without having obtained a seed labeling permit. The seed labeling registrant shall be responsible for the label and the seed contents. The application for a seed labeling permit shall be submitted to the department on forms furnished by the department, and shall be accompanied by a fee of twenty dollars per applicant. The application form shall include the name and address of the applicant, a label or label facsimile, and any other reasonable and practical information prescribed by the department. Upon approval, the department shall issue said permit to the applicant. All permits expire on January 31st of each year.
(2) If an application for renewal of the seed labeling permit provided for in this section is not filed prior to February 1st of any one year, an additional fee of ten dollars shall be assessed and added to the original fee and shall be paid by the applicant before the license shall be issued: PROVIDED, That such additional fee shall not apply if the applicant furnishes an affidavit that he or she has not labeled seed for distribution in this state subsequent to the expiration of his or her prior permit.
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