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Department's enforcement authority.

The department shall have the authority to:
(1) Sample, inspect, make analysis of, and test seeds distributed within this state at such time and place and to such extent as it may deem necessary to determine whether such seeds are in compliance with the provisions of this chapter. The methods of sampling and analysis shall be those adopted by the department from officially recognized sources. The department, in determining for administrative purposes whether seeds are in violation of this chapter, shall be guided by records, and by the official sample obtained and analyzed as provided for in this section. Analysis of an official sample, by the department, shall be accepted as prima facie evidence by any court of competent jurisdiction.
(2) Enter any dealer's or seed labeling registrant's premises at all reasonable times in order to have access to seeds and to records. This includes the determination of the weight of packages and bulk shipments.
(3) Adopt and enforce regulations for certifying seeds, and shall fix and collect fees for such service. Fees authorized under this subsection may be used for services involving breeder seed, foundation seed, registered seed, and certified seed. The director of the department may appoint persons as agents for the purpose of assisting in the certification of seeds.
(4) Adopt and enforce regulations for inspecting, grading, and certifying growing crops of seeds; inspect, grade, and issue certificates upon request; and fix and collect fees for such services.
(5) Make purity, germination and other tests of seed on request, and fix and collect charges for the tests made.
(6) Establish and maintain seed testing facilities, employ qualified persons, establish by rule special assessments as needed, and incur such expenses as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter.
(7) Adopt a list of the prohibited and restricted noxious weed seeds.
(8) Publish reports of official seed inspections, seed certifications, laboratory statistics, verified violations of this chapter, and other seed branch activities which do not reveal confidential information regarding individual company operations or production.
(9) Deny, suspend, or revoke licenses, permits and certificates provided for in this chapter subsequent to a hearing, subject to the provisions of chapter 34.05 RCW (Administrative Procedure Act) as enacted or hereafter amended, in any case in which the department finds that there has been a failure or refusal to comply with the provisions of this chapter or regulations adopted hereunder.


Severability1981 c 297: See note following RCW 15.36.201.
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