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Producer listsEach producer responsible for accuracyUse of lists.

(1) The commission shall prior to each advisory vote, in sufficient time to satisfy the requirements of RCW 15.44.033, furnish the director with a list of all producers within the district or area for which the advisory vote is being held. The commission shall require each dealer and shipper in addition to the information required under RCW 15.44.110 to furnish the commission with a list of names of producers whose milk they handle.
(2) Any producer may on his or her own motion file his or her name with the commission for the purpose of receiving notice of the advisory vote.
(3) It is the responsibility of each producer to ensure that his or her correct address is filed with the commission.
(4) For all purposes of giving notice, holding referenda, and conducting advisory votes for nominees to the commission, the applicable list of producers corrected up to the day preceding the date the list is certified and mailed to the director is deemed to be the list of all producers or handlers, as applicable, entitled to notice or to vote. The list shall be corrected and brought up-to-date in accordance with evidence and information provided to the commission.


Effective date2003 c 396: See note following RCW 15.66.030.
Effective dates2002 c 313: See note following RCW 15.65.020.
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