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Director appoints membersNominationsAdvisory vote.

(1) The director shall appoint the members of the commission.
(2) Candidates for producer member positions on the commission shall be nominated under RCW 15.44.033. The director may select a nominated candidate for a position or may reject all candidates.
(3) If two candidates are nominated, the director may choose one, reject both, or call for an advisory vote between the two candidates. In the event there are more than two candidates nominated for the producer member positions, the director shall cause an advisory vote to be held. Advisory ballots shall be mailed to all producers in the district or area where a vacancy is about to occur and shall be returned to the director not less than thirty days prior to the commencement of the term. The advisory ballot shall be conducted in a manner so that it is a secret ballot. The names of the two candidates receiving the most votes in the advisory vote shall be forwarded to the director for potential appointment to the commission.
(4) The director may request that any candidate whose name is forwarded to the director for potential appointment submit a letter stating why he or she wishes to be appointed to the commission.
(5) If the director rejects one or more of the candidates nominated under RCW 15.44.033, the director may request that the commission provide additional qualified nominees for consideration. Upon receipt of the nomination or nominations, the director may select a candidate, cause an advisory vote to be held, or reject the nominees. If the commission does not submit additional nominees to the director within thirty days of the director's request, the director shall nominate additional candidates for an advisory vote.
(6) The commission may appoint up to three nonvoting members who have expertise in marketing, operations, or other topics relevant to the work of the commission. The term of office for each nonvoting position is one year and may be renewed by the commission.
(7) The director shall appoint one person to a dealer position, unless the commission adopts rules providing for additional dealer positions on the commission.


Effective date2003 c 396: See note following RCW 15.66.030.
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