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Regrading of milk or milk productsReinstatement of license.

Any producer or milk processing plant whose milk has been degraded by the director, or whose license has been suspended may at any time make application for the regrading of his or her products or the reinstatement of his or her license.
In case the lowered grade or the license suspension was the result of violation of the bacteriological or cooling temperature standards, the director may take further samples of the applicant's output, at a rate of not more than two samples per week. The director shall regrade the milk or milk products upward or reinstate the license on compliance with grade requirements as determined in accordance with the provisions of RCW 15.36.201.
In case the lowered grade of the applicant's product or the license suspension was due to a violation of an item other than bacteriological standard or cooling temperature, the said application must be accompanied by a statement signed by the applicant to the effect that the violated item of the specifications had been conformed with. Within one week of the receipt of such an application and statement the director shall make a reinspection of the applicant's establishment and thereafter as many additional reinspections as he or she may deem necessary to assure himself or herself that the applicant is again complying with the higher grade requirements. The higher grade or license shall be reinstated upon confirmation that all violated items are corrected and any period for reduction in grade or license suspensions as ordered by the director has been completed.


Effective date1996 c 189: See note following RCW 15.36.111.
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