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Liquor produced from wheat or barley.

(1) The commission may receive donations of liquor produced from wheat or barley grown in Washington and may use the liquor for the promotional purposes specified in subsection (2) of this section.
(2) The commission may engage directly or indirectly in the promotion of liquor produced from wheat or barley grown in Washington including, without limitation, the acquisition in any lawful manner and the dissemination without charge of the liquor. This dissemination is not deemed a sale for any purpose and the commission is not deemed a producer, supplier, or manufacturer, or the clerk, servant, or agent of a producer, supplier, distributor, or manufacturer under Title 66 RCW. This dissemination without charge may be solely for agricultural development or trade promotion, and not for fund-raising purposes under RCW 15.115.140(2)(u). Dissemination for promotional purposes may include promotional hosting and must in the good faith judgment of the commission be in the aid of the marketing, advertising, or promotion of wheat or barley grown in Washington, or research related to that marketing, advertising, or promotion.
(3) The commission shall adopt rules governing promotional hosting expenditures by its employees, agents, or commission members under RCW 15.04.200.
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