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List of all Washington producersConfidentialReporting system for assessment purposes.

(1) The commission shall cause a list to be prepared of all Washington producers of forest products from any information available from the commission, producers' association, or producers, including tax records from the department of revenue. This list shall contain the names and addresses of all persons who produce forest products within this state, the amount of forest products produced during the period designated by the commission, and the assessment amount for each member. The list is considered confidential and may be reviewed only by the employees of the commission, except for information that may be disclosed to the public and commission members under subsection (4) of this section. A qualified person may, at any time, have his or her name placed upon the list by delivering or mailing the information to the commission. This list shall be corrected and brought up-to-date in accordance with evidence and information available to the commission on or before December 31st of each year, or as soon thereafter as possible. For all purposes of giving notice and holding referendums, the list on hand, corrected up to the day next preceding the date for issuing notices or ballots as the case may be, is, for purposes of this chapter, the list of all producers entitled to notice or to assent or dissent or to vote.
(2) The commission shall develop a reporting system to document that the producers of forest products in this state are reporting quantities of forest products produced and subject to the assessment as provided in RCW 15.100.110.
(3) The department of revenue may charge the commission for the reasonable costs of providing reports of harvest activity on a quarterly basis.
(4) Any taxpayer information received by the commission from the department of revenue may only be used for the limited purposes of establishing lists of producers necessary to determine eligibility for voting, eligibility for serving as a commission member, the amount of assessments owed, or other necessary purposes as established by law. Any return or tax information received from the department of revenue may be reviewed only by the employees of the commission. Employees may disclose to the public and commission members a list of commission members, groupings of at least three commission members by the amount of forest products harvested over any time period designated by the commission of at least one quarter, and the members who are eligible for the various positions on the commission.
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