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The officer disinfecting personal property may enforce the lien thereon provided for in RCW 15.08.090 by impounding and selling the property. He or she shall give notice of the impounding and proposed sale by posting a written notice in a conspicuous place upon the premises where the property is impounded and serve said notice upon the owner or person in charge of the property in the manner provided for service of notice to disinfect in RCW 15.08.080. Said notice shall state that the property, describing it with reasonable certainty, has been impounded, where it is situated, the amount of costs and expenses charged against it, and that unless same are paid within a specified time the property will be sold to satisfy said charges, accrued transportation and storage charges, if any, and costs of sale. Said specified time shall not be less than ten days after giving of the notice, except that immediate sale may be made of perishable fruits or vegetables.
[ 2010 c 8 § 6009; 1961 c 11 § 15.08.100. Prior: 1915 c 166 § 12, part; RRS § 2850, part.]
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