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Condemnation of infected propertyUse of condemned fruit, vegetablesPermit.

In the case of fruit or vegetables which cannot be successfully disinfected the inspector may grant to the owner or person in charge thereof a written permit to use the condemned products for stock feed, or manufacture the same into by-products, or ship them to a by-product factory; and it is unlawful for the person receiving such permit to sell or dispose of such products without first having the same manufactured into a by-product or shipped to a by-product factory, or to divert any such shipment when made, or for the consignee of such shipment to sell or dispose of the same until it is manufactured into a by-product.
[ 1961 c 11 § 15.08.070. Prior: 1943 c 150 § 4, part; 1929 c 150 § 1, part; 1925 ex.s. c 108 § 1, part; 1919 c 195 § 2 1/2, part; 1915 c 166 § 10, part; Rem. Supp. 1943 § 2848, part.]
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