Chapter 15.04 RCW



15.04.090Lease of unnecessary lands to nonprofit groupsFunds.
15.04.110Control of predatory birds.
15.04.120Control of predatory birdsExpenditures and contracts.
15.04.150Berry harvesting by youthful workersLegislative finding.
15.04.160Berry harvesting by youthful workersAuthorizedRestrictions.
15.04.200Agricultural development or trade promotion and promotional hostingExpenditures, approval by commodity commissionExemption from housing requirements.
15.04.300Guide to state and federal programs of assistance to farm families.
15.04.400FindingsDepartment's duty to promote agriculture, protect public health and welfare.
15.04.402Department to advance private sector, economic well-being of agricultural industry.
15.04.410Declarations of "Washington state grown"RestrictionsViolations unlawfulApplication of consumer protection act.
15.04.415Information on product country of originFindingsUse of placards.