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Method of defraying cost.

The cost of investigating, surveying, planning, acquiring, establishing, constructing, enlarging or improving or equipping airports and other air navigation facilities, and the sites therefor, including structures and other property incidental to their operation, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter may be paid for by appropriation of moneys available therefor, or wholly or partly from the proceeds of bonds of the municipality, as the governing body of the municipality shall determine. The word "cost" includes awards in condemnation proceedings and rentals where an acquisition is by lease.
[ 1945 c 182 § 5; Rem. Supp. 1945 § 2722-34.]


Reviser's note: Caption for 1945 c 182 § 5 reads as follows: "Purchase price and costs of improvement may be paid from appropriations or bond issues."
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