Chapter 13.60 RCW



HTMLPDF 13.60.010Missing children and endangered person clearinghouseHotlineDistribution of informationAmber alert plan, endangered missing person advisory plan, silver alert and missing indigenous person alert designations.
HTMLPDF 13.60.020Entry of information on missing children or endangered persons into missing person computer networkAccess.
HTMLPDF 13.60.030Information and education regarding missing childrenPlan.
HTMLPDF 13.60.040Children receiving services from department of children, youth, and familiesReporting by the departmentNotification of child's whereabouts.
HTMLPDF 13.60.050Endangered missing person advisory plan.
HTMLPDF 13.60.100Task force on missing and exploited childrenFindings, intent.
HTMLPDF 13.60.110Task force on missing and exploited childrenEstablishmentActivities.