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Drug-affected and alcohol-affected infantsModel project.

To the extent funds are appropriated, the department shall operate a model project to provide services to women who give birth to infants exposed to the nonprescription use of controlled substances or abuse of alcohol by the mother during pregnancy. Within available funds, the project may be offered in one site in each of the three department's administrative regions that have the highest incidence of drug-affected or alcohol-affected infants annually. The project shall accept women referred to it by the department following the birth of a drug-affected or alcohol-affected infant. The model project shall be concluded by July 1, 2002.


Effective date1998 c 314: "Sections 18 through 24, 26 through 28, 30 through 39, and 41 through 44 of this act take effect January 1, 1999." [ 1998 c 314 § 46.]
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