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Guardianship for dependent childSubject to dependency and termination of parent-child relationship provisionsExceptionsRequest to convert dependency guardianship to guardianshipDismissal of dependency.

(1) Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 13.36 RCW, a dependency guardianship established by court order under this chapter and in force on June 10, 2010, shall remain subject to the provisions of this chapter unless: (a) The dependency guardianship is modified or terminated under the provisions of this chapter; or (b) the dependency guardianship is converted by court order to a guardianship pursuant to a petition filed under RCW 13.36.030.
(2) A dependency guardian or the department or *supervising agency may request the juvenile court to convert a dependency guardianship established under this chapter to a guardianship under chapter 13.36 RCW by filing a petition under RCW 13.36.030. If both the dependency guardian and the department or *supervising agency agree that the dependency guardianship should be converted to a guardianship under this chapter, and if the court finds that such conversion is in the child's best interests, the court shall grant the petition and enter an order of guardianship in accordance with RCW 13.36.050.
(3) The court shall dismiss the dependency established under this chapter upon the entry of a guardianship order under chapter 13.36 RCW.


*Reviser's note: The definition for "supervising agency" for chapter 13.34 RCW was deleted by 2018 c 284 s 3.
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