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Disposition hearingAdditional orders for specialized treatmentReview hearingsLimitationUse of state funds.

(1) In a disposition hearing, after a finding that a child is a child in need of services or an at-risk youth, the court may adopt the additional orders authorized under this section if it finds that the child involved in those proceedings is not eligible for inpatient treatment for a mental health or substance abuse condition and requires specialized treatment. The court may order that a child be placed in a staff secure facility, other than a crisis residential center, that will provide for the child's participation in a program designed to remedy his or her behavioral difficulties or needs. The court may not enter this order unless, at the disposition hearing, it finds that the placement is clearly necessary to protect the child and that a less restrictive order would be inadequate to protect the child, given the child's age, maturity, propensity to run away from home, past exposure to serious risk when the child ran away from home, and possible future exposure to serious risk should the child run away from home again.
(2) The order shall require periodic court review of the placement, with the first review hearing conducted not more than thirty days after the date of the placement. At each review hearing the court shall advise the parents of their rights under RCW 13.32A.160(1), review the progress of the child, and determine whether the orders are still necessary for the protection of the child or a less restrictive placement would be adequate. The court shall modify its orders as it finds necessary to protect the child. Reviews of orders adopted under this section are subject to the review provisions under RCW 13.32A.190 and 13.32.198 [ 13.32A.198].
(3) Placements in staff secure facilities under this section shall be limited to children who meet the statutory definition of a child in need of services or an at-risk youth as defined in RCW 13.32A.030.
(4) State funds may only be used to pay for placements under this section if, and to the extent that, such funds are appropriated to expressly pay for them.


Findings1996 c 133: "The legislature finds that no children should be exposed to the dangers inherent in living on the streets. The legislature further finds that there are children who are not mentally ill or chemically dependent who are living on the street in dangerous situations. These children through their at-risk behavior place themselves at great personal risk and danger. The legislature further finds that these children with at-risk behaviors should receive treatment for their problems that result in excessive opposition to parental authority." [ 1996 c 133 § 1.]
Short title1996 c 133: "This act shall be known and cited as the "Becca Too" bill." [ 1996 c 133 § 2.]
IntentConstruction1996 c 133: "It is the intent of the legislature that the changes in this act be construed to expedite the administrative and judicial processes provided for in the existing and amended statutes to assist in assuring that children placed in a crisis residential center have an appropriate placement available to them at the conclusion of their stay at the center." [ 1996 c 133 § 38.]
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