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Procedural rules.

Unless rules of court require or this title provides otherwise, or unless a court orders otherwise:
(1) A judicial proceeding under RCW 11.96A.090 is to be commenced by filing a petition with the court;
(2) A summons must be served in accordance with this chapter and, where not inconsistent with these rules, the procedural rules of court, however, if the proceeding is commenced as an action incidental to an existing judicial proceeding relating to the same trust or estate or nonprobate asset, notice must be provided by summons only with respect to those parties who were not already parties to the existing judicial proceedings;
(3) The summons need only contain the following language or substantially similar language:
FOR (. . .) COUNTY
IN RE . . . . . .
No. . . .
TO THE RESPONDENT OR OTHER INTERESTED PARTY: A petition has been filed in the superior court of Washington for (. . .) County. Petitioner's claim is stated in the petition, a copy of which is served upon you with this summons.
In order to defend against or to object to the petition, you must answer the petition by stating your defense or objections in writing, and by serving your answer upon the person signing this summons not later than five days before the date of the hearing on the petition. Your failure to answer within this time limit might result in a default judgment being entered against you without further notice. A default judgment grants the petitioner all that the petitioner seeks under the petition because you have not filed an answer.
If you wish to seek the advice of a lawyer, you should do so promptly so that your written answer, if any, may be served on time.
This summons is issued under RCW 11.96A.100(3).
(Signed) . . . . . . . . . . . .
Print or Type Name
Dated: . . . . . .
Telephone Number: . . . . . .
(4) Subject to other applicable statutes and court rules, the clerk of each of the superior courts shall fix the time for any hearing on a matter on application by a party, and no order of the court shall be required to fix the time or to approve the form or content of the notice of a hearing;
(5) The answer to the petition and any counterclaims or cross-claims must be served on the parties or the parties' virtual representatives and filed with the court at least five days before the date of the hearing, and all replies to the counterclaims and cross-claims must be served on the parties or the parties' virtual representatives and filed with the court at least two days before the date of the hearing;
(6) Proceedings under this chapter are subject to the mediation and arbitration provisions of this chapter. Except as specifically provided in RCW 11.96A.310, the provisions of chapter 7.06 RCW do not apply;
(7) Testimony of witnesses may be by affidavit;
(8) Unless requested otherwise by a party in a petition or answer, the initial hearing must be a hearing on the merits to resolve all issues of fact and all issues of law;
(9) Any party may move the court for an order relating to a procedural matter, including discovery, and for summary judgment, in the original petition, answer, response, or reply, or in a separate motion, or at any other time; and
(10) If the initial hearing is not a hearing on the merits or does not result in a resolution of all issues of fact and all issues of law, the court may enter any order it deems appropriate, which order may (a) resolve such issues as it deems proper, (b) determine the scope of discovery, and (c) set a schedule for further proceedings for the prompt resolution of the matter.
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