Chapter 11.76 RCW



11.76.010Report of personal representativeContentsInterim reports.
11.76.020Notice of hearingSettlement of report.
11.76.030Final report and petition for distributionContents.
11.76.040Time and place of hearingNotice.
11.76.050Hearing on final reportDecree of distribution.
11.76.060Continuance to cite in sureties on bond when account incorrect.
11.76.070Attorney's fees to contestant of erroneous account or report.
11.76.080Representation of incapacitated person by guardian ad litem or limited guardianException.
11.76.095Distribution of estates to minors.
11.76.100Receipts for expenses from personal representative.
11.76.110Order of payment of debts.
11.76.120Limitation on preference to mortgage or judgment.
11.76.130Expense of monument.
11.76.150Payment of claims where estate insufficient.
11.76.160Liability of personal representative.
11.76.170Action on claim not acted onContribution.
11.76.180Order maturing claim not due.
11.76.190Procedure on contingent and disputed claim.
11.76.200Agent for absentee distributee.
11.76.210Agent's bond.
11.76.220Sale of unclaimed estateRemittance of proceeds to department of revenue.
11.76.230Liability of agent.
11.76.240Claimant to proceeds of sale.
11.76.243Heirs may institute probate proceedings if no claimant appears.
11.76.245Procedure when claim made after time limitation.
11.76.247When court retains jurisdiction after entry of decree of distribution.
11.76.250Letters after final settlement.


Destruction of receipts for expenses under probate proceedings: RCW 36.23.065.
Estate and transfer taxes: Chapter 83.100 RCW.