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Recovery of decedent's fraudulent conveyances.

When there shall be a deficiency of assets in the hands of a personal representative, and when the deceased shall in his or her lifetime have conveyed any real estate, or any rights, or interest therein, with intent to defraud his or her creditors or to avoid any right, duty, or debt of any person, or shall have so conveyed such estate, which deeds or conveyances by law are void as against creditors, the personal representative may, and it shall be his or her duty to, commence and prosecute to final judgment any proper action for the recovery of the same, and may recover for the benefit of the creditors all such real estate so fraudulently conveyed, and may also, for the benefit of the creditors, sue and recover all goods, chattels, rights, and credits which may have been so fraudulently conveyed by the deceased in his or her lifetime, whatever may have been the manner of such fraudulent conveyance.
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