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Discharge of debtSpecific bequest and inclusion in inventory and appraisement.

The discharge or bequest in a will of any debt or demand of the testator against any executor named in the testator's will or against any person shall not be valid against the creditors of the deceased, but shall be construed as a specific bequest of such debt or demand, and the amount thereof shall be included in the inventory and appraisement, and shall, if necessary, be applied in payment of the testator's debts; if not necessary for that purpose, it shall be paid in the same manner and proportions as other specific legacies.
[ 1997 c 252 § 47; 1965 c 145 § 11.44.090. Prior: 1917 c 156 § 98; RCW 11.44.040; RRS § 1468; prior: Code 1881 § 1450; 1854 p 277 § 61.]


Application1997 c 252 §§ 1-73: See note following RCW 11.02.005.
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