Chapter 11.40 RCW



11.40.010ClaimsPresentationOther notice not affected.
11.40.020Notice to creditorsMannerFilingsPublication.
11.40.030Notice to creditorsForm.
11.40.040"Reasonably ascertainable" creditorDefinitionReasonable diligencePresumptionsPetition for order.
11.40.051Claims against decedentTime limits.
11.40.060Claims involving liability or casualty insuranceLimitationsExceptions to time limits.
11.40.070ClaimsFormManner of presentationWaiver of defects.
11.40.080ClaimsDuty to allow or rejectNotice of petition to allowAttorneys' fees.
11.40.090Allowance of claimsNoticeAutomatic allowancePetition for extensionRanking of claimsBarred claims.
11.40.100Rejection of claimTime limitsNoticeCompromise of claim.
11.40.110Action pending at decedent's deathPersonal representative as defendant.
11.40.120Effect of judgment against personal representative.
11.40.130Judgment against decedentExecution barred upon decedent's deathPresentationSale of property.
11.40.135Secured claimCreditor's right.
11.40.140Claim of personal representativePresentation and petitionFiling.
11.40.150Notice to creditors when personal representative resigns, dies, or is removedLimit tolled by vacancy.
11.40.160Personal representative as successor to notice agentNotice not affectedPresumptionsDuties.
11.40.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Action on claim not acted onContribution: RCW 11.76.170.
Contingent or disputed claims, procedure: RCW 11.76.190.
Evidence, transaction with person since deceased: RCW 5.60.030.
GuardianshipClaims: RCW 11.92.035.
Incompetent, deceased, claims against estate of: RCW 11.88.150.
Judgment against executor or administrator, effect: RCW 4.56.050.
Liability of personal representative: RCW 11.76.160.
Limitation of actions: Chapter 4.16 RCW.
Order maturing claim not due: RCW 11.76.180.
Order of payment of debts: RCW 11.76.110.
Payment of claims where estate insufficient: RCW 11.76.150.
Quasi-community propertyLifetime transfersClaims by surviving spouse or surviving domestic partner: RCW 26.16.240.
Sale, etc., of propertyPriority as to realty or personalty: Chapter 11.10 RCW.
Survival of actions: Chapter 4.20 RCW.
Tax constitutes debtPriority of lien: RCW 82.32.240.